Create leads with webforms

Webforms are a powerful tool for generating new leads and streamlining your sales process. By allowing potential customers to submit their information directly through your website, you can quickly capture valuable data and create new opportunities for your sales team.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of creating leads with webforms and how they integrate with your Rizer CRM.

When a visitor fills out a webform on your website, Rizer automatically creates a new inbound lead.

These leads appear in the “Inbound Leads” table within your CRM, making it easy to track and manage your new prospects. Each lead is marked as being created by Rizer, so you can easily distinguish them from leads generated through other channels.

In addition to creating a new lead, Rizer also generates a notification within the company’s message center.

This notification provides a comprehensive overview of the webform submission, including all the fields submitted and their respective values.

The first timeline entry for the company will be the webform submission, which occurs even before the company is created in your CRM.

Depending on how your webforms are set up, certain users within your organization may also receive a message in their personal message centers.

As with the company message center, this notifications will relist all the fields submitted through the webform, along with their corresponding values.

Keep in mind: On webform submission the lead might also receive in email that someone will get in touch with them. This can be configured in the set-up.

Once a new company has been created based on the webform submission, your sales managers can take the lead and begin the sales process.

They can create a new deal within Rizer and assign it to a sales representative who will be responsible for nurturing the lead and guiding them through the sales funnel.