Archiving companies

You archive a company in Rizer CRM when you decide to never contact a company again. Either they went out of business, they don’t want to be contacted or you don’t want to contact them for whatever reason.

To archive a company you use the “Archive” button located on the company page. This is positioned in the top right corner of the page near the company name.

Archive a company

The most common usage is when a company has not yet been contacted or in the cold call stage.

To archive you are prompted to choose one of the reasons in the list.

Archive reason

When you decide to archive a company you can list as a main reason:

  • Not in target market – The company is not in the target market you are going after
  • Blacklisted – you can blacklist them or they can blocklist you
  • Out of business – when they are no longer in business
  • Doesn’t exist – when the company details you have are fake – even if the company is inbound or outbound generated.
  • Duplicate – the company is a duplicate of another
  • Test – or because it was added as a test, just to try out maybe a set of stages or actions etc. The most common use case here, are webforms submitted with dummy data.

Important: Customers with active subscriptions can not be archived. All active subscriptions have to be cancelled before archiving the company.

Archived company

When you archive a company all deals related to it are closed and all actions are marked as “cancelled”. Also, a tag is added under the company name showing the fact that it has been archived and the archive reason.

Archiving a company will move it to the “Archived” section inside the Leads menu.

This table will list all archived companies, the user that archived them, the reason and the date and time they were archived at.

Edit archive

For every company that was archived any user can “Edit archive“. This gives you the option to change the reason or to Remove the company from archive and move it back to the uncontacted lists.