Connect your email address

With the simple interface, you can connect and disconnect email addresses, test current connectivity, and edit blacklisted email addresses. As a manager you can also review all users inside the company and what email addresses they have connected.

To connect an email address into Rizer go to  Settings -> Message center -> Email accounts -> Connected, and click the “Add email account” button. 

Rizer offers two options: 

  • to connect a Gmail email address (after you set-up your Gmail credentials)
  • or to connect and OVH hosted email address

Select your provider and add your email address. Once you’ve added an email address to your profile, you’ll be able to use the email address associated with your Rizer account to send and receive email through Rizer CRM.

Note: Rizer includes the most popular email services and can be configured to include any additional services you may require. Just let us know at


For Gmail hosted emails the “Sign in with Google” pop-up will appear. Select your account from the list and click Continue. If you are asked to grant access to Rizer, please allow it. 

Once connected, the email address will appear in the list. 


For OVH hosted emails you have to enter your email address and password. Once you click “Save” the OVH connection should be active.

Email settings 

The “Connected email accounts” listing shows you all users that have at least one connected email, a list of email accounts connected and the date and time when Rizer checked the address last. 

Under the username you can also see in grey text the email each user uses as a Rizer login email.

The “Disconnected email accounts” listing shows you all the users that have disconnected an email address from the account, a list of email accounts that have been disconnected and the date when this happened.  

Both these listings can be useful when you want to confirm with users which email address they should use or have access to.

It can also help you confirm that email addresses are being used inside Rizer.

The “Not connected” section offers a list of all users that don’t currently have an email connected.

Note: You can read more about email inside Rizer. Take a look at:

Privacy default settings

Rizer has a set of default privacy rules in place to offer you the best experience possible when using email.

These privacy rules are made to work in combination with our roles based user management system and our high velocity sales approach. 

By default, all the email in your email account will arrive in your personal message center. This can be found in the main menu in the top left corner and it’s marked by the email icon. 

Only you are able to view these emails and no one else has access to them.

In case you don’t want to receive certain emails inside your Rizer CRM personal message center you have the option to blacklist an email address. 

Keep in mind: Blacklisting email addresses only takes effect in your Rizer account and nowhere else. In other words, this setting won’t remove emails from anyone else’s inbox or message center, they won’t affect the email being used outside of Rizer, and they won’t prevent you from receiving emails in other email addresses. But they will let you control which emails appear in your message center and which don’t.

Small note: Everything you do in your original email address (ex. Gmail) is reflected inside Rizer. For example: sending, receiving, replying to emails etc. The same is true if you reply for example from inside Rizer. On the other hand deleting emails, archiving, marking as spam, removing or backlisting is not synchronized. 

Company level message center – privacy setting

Each company page (lead or customer) has a dedicated message center.

Any email regarding that company that arrives inside one of the connected emails will also appear here. As your company grows, it will become harder and harder to keep track of the conversations. 

This helps as it gives everyone visibility to the relevant emails, making sure nothing gets lost is someone’s inbox.

Keep in mind: Email arriving in your personal message center will be automatically visible inside the company message center. There are ways of disconnecting a certain email form a company, even before removing or blacklisting but this can be done after the fact.