Your Organization

On this page you’ll see your organization’s main information and your account details. Account creation will automatically fill in most of this information for you, and you’ll be able to edit and update it as necessary.

You’ll also be able to set your preferred currencies, the default currency, your time format, and the language for your account. 

Organization page

You can edit the Account settings here by clicking on “ Edit …”.

A modal will appear giving you an editable version of the screen. Here you can change information or edit certain values. After you’re done just click on “ Save” to save your changes or hit “Cancel” to undo everything. 

  • Organization Name: The official name of your organization.
  • Account Creation Date: The date when your Rizer CRM account was established.
  • Slogan: Add a slogan, if you have one, to feature on quote pages and within web forms.
  • Logo: Upload your organization’s logo and determine its use on quote pages and web forms.
  • Company types that your organization manages in Rizer: where you set up if you are managing only customers and leads or also you Partners inside Rizer CRM
  • Allowed Currencies: Select the currencies you wish to enable within your account from the available list. This affects your pricing models and deal management, with currencies reflected in dashboards and financial information. Note: Currency conversion is currently based on Rizer CRM’s set exchange rates.
  • Default Currency: Set the primary currency for your account from the previously selected options. This also becomes the standard currency when creating new deals.
  • Business Started: Indicate the commencement date of your actual business operations.
  • Time Zone: The time zone corresponding to your organization’s location.
  • Account Language: Define the main language used by your organization and the default for new users within Rizer CRM.
  • Time Format: Your preference for a 12-hour or 24-hour time format.
  • Website: Your organization’s primary web address.
  • Terms and Conditions URL: This link will be included on generated quotes and is required for client acknowledgement.
  • Phone Number: Your organization’s main contact number.
  • Main Company Email Address: The primary email contact for your organization.
  • Country: The location of your organization.
  • City: The city where your organization operates.
  • Zip Code: The postal code associated with your organization’s address.
  • Street Name & No.: Your organization’s official address.
  • State: If applicable (e.g., in the US), the state where your organization resides.

After making the desired changes, click “Save” to confirm the updates or “Cancel” to revert any modifications.