Fixing missing info

When working in the first contact stage of Rizer CRM, you may encounter situations where a call action is marked as a no answer. In such cases, This feature empowers your lead finders to take swift action, update the necessary details, and keep your sales process running smoothly.

Rizer CRM provides you with the option to request fixing. By selecting this option, the company will be moved into the “Fix it” table, where lead finders can take action to update the missing or incorrect contact details.

The “Fix it” table is designed to streamline the process of updating contact information, ensuring that your sales team has access to accurate and up-to-date data.

When a company is moved to the “Fix it” table, lead finders are responsible for finding and updating the necessary information.

This may involve searching for a new phone number or identifying a new contact person within the company.

To assist lead finders in their task, the “Fix it” table provides a clear overview of each company’s status.

Companies can be marked as either “Fixed” or “Needs fixing,” allowing lead finders to quickly identify which companies require attention.

Additionally, the table offers filtering options, enabling you to sort companies by the reason for the fix request and by the person who requested it.

This feature helps prioritize and assign tasks efficiently among the lead finders.

One of the key benefits of the “Fix it” table is its ability to track the duration a company has been marked as a fix it.

This information is valuable for monitoring the progress of updating contact details and ensuring that no company remains in the “Fix it” stage for an extended period.

Once the lead finders have successfully updated the missing or incorrect information, the company can be moved back into the normal flow of the sales process.

This ensures that your sales team can continue their outreach efforts with confidence, knowing that they have accurate contact details to work with.