Taking payments

Rizer CRM integrates with payment providers to offer both automated and manual payment processing, allowing sales representatives to effortlessly initiate billing cycles, generate invoices, and collect payments upon closing deals, either through a secure order form or by manually entering credit card details.

Rizer CRM offers a seamless integration with payment providers, enabling you to automatically accept payments and charge credit cards.

The payment integration feature allows for both automated and manual payment processing.

The automated workflow simplifies the process by marking deals as won, initiating billing cycles, and generating invoices upon customer payment.

Manual payment collection is also supported, providing flexibility to accommodate different customer needs.

To take full advantage of these capabilities, ensure that a payment provider is properly connected to your Rizer CRM account.

Order form workflow

The standard workflow begins with a sales representative generating an order form.

Each order form includes a dedicated payment section where customers can securely enter their credit card information.

Once the customer accepts the terms and conditions and clicks the “Accept + Pay” button, several actions are triggered simultaneously. The deal is marked as won, the billing cycle is initiated, and the first invoice is generated.

Note: even if the deal gets closed and billing cycle and invoices get generated, all pending actions will remain there until manually canceled or marked as done.

In addition to the automated process, sales representatives can also utilize the order form to manually collect credit card details from customers. This can be done in person or over the phone.

Win deal button

It’s important to note that if a deal is won by simply clicking the “Win deal” button, no payment will be automatically charged. In such cases, additional manual steps are required.

The sales representative will need to win the deal, start the billing cycle, generate the invoice, and then retrieve the credit card information from the invoice page to process the payment.