Working with multiple deals

Rizer CRM offers a powerful feature that allows you to create and manage multiple deals for a single company. This approach helps you stay organized, track progress accurately, and maximize your chances of success.

This functionality is particularly useful when dealing with larger organizations or when you have multiple products to offer.

By creating separate deals, you can effectively handle sales processes tailored to each specific opportunity while keeping all the information organized within the same company profile.

When you create multiple deals for a company, the process and management remain the same as handling a single deal.

The deals are displayed side by side on the company page, differentiated by unique deal IDs.

This clear distinction ensures that you can easily identify and access each deal independently.

One of the key advantages of having multiple deals is that each deal maintains its own structure.

This means that you can associate specific products, estimates, value, order forms, and other relevant information with each individual deal.

Rizer CRM will alert you in 2 cases:

  • If you close / win a deal and there are still actions pending
  • if you have an active deal with no next action

Rizer CRM provides flexibility when it comes to assigning deal owners. You have the option to assign different deal owners to each deal, allowing you to leverage the expertise and relationships of various team members.

Keep in mind: When you successfully win one of the deals, the company automatically becomes a customer in Rizer CRM. However, this does not impact the status of the remaining deals. Those deals continue to progress through the normal sales process, assigned to their respective deal owners.

Alternatively, you can choose to have the same deal owner responsible for all the deals associated with a particular company, promoting consistency and streamlined communication.

Actions within Rizer CRM are handled individually for each deal.

This granular control ensures that each deal receives the attention and follow-up it requires, without affecting the progress of other deals.