Using notes in the sales process

In Rizer CRM, notes serve as a powerful tool for storing and tracking important information about a company throughout the sales process. By effectively utilizing notes, sales teams can enhance collaboration, maintain a clear overview of interactions, and make informed decisions based on the context of the action flow. Notes can be easily added and Using notes in the sales process

Recycling a deal

In Rizer CRM, recycling a deal is a quick and efficient way to close the deal, recycle all associated products, and close all related actions in one step. This feature is particularly useful when you know that you will not win a deal and want to streamline the process of closing it. When faced with Recycling a deal

Rep performance

Rizer CRM provides comprehensive dashboards that allow you to analyze and compare the performance of your sales representatives. These dashboards enable you to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. In this article, we will explore the dashboards available for first contact reps, sales reps, and demo reps. For each dashboard you can select the Rep performance

Creating and managing a deal

In Rizer CRM, deals are designed to hold the products you are trying to sell, all pricing information, order forms, and all actions related to that deal. Deals help you efficiently organize and track your sales process, ensuring that all relevant information is easily accessible and actionable. Deals can be created for both leads and Creating and managing a deal

Working with multiple deals

Rizer CRM offers a powerful feature that allows you to create and manage multiple deals for a single company. This approach helps you stay organized, track progress accurately, and maximize your chances of success. This functionality is particularly useful when dealing with larger organizations or when you have multiple products to offer. By creating separate Working with multiple deals

Unproposed products

Rizer CRM provides a comprehensive overview of your sales opportunities by maintaining a list of unproposed products for each company. This feature allows you to easily track and manage potential sales, whether you’re working with leads or existing customers. In this article, we’ll explore how unproposed products work within Rizer CRM and how you can Unproposed products