Onboarding your customers

Onboarding is a crucial process that involves guiding your new customers through the initial setup, configuration, and training to ensure they can effectively use your product or service.

When you successfully win a deal, the company becomes your customer, and all the products won through that deal move to either the onboarding or retention stage.

After winning a deal, you can select the products you want to onboard. When you choose to onboard a product, you will be prompted to move it to the onboarding stage.

In this modal, you have the option to create a new onboarding group for those products or select an existing one if it has already been created.

Once a product is in the onboarding stage, it becomes part of an onboarding group.

Similar to deals, onboarding groups are used to organize products together. Each onboarding group has an owner, typically an onboarding rep responsible for guiding the customers through the onboarding process.

Additionally, each onboarding group has a designated contact person who serves as the primary point of communication between your team and the customer.

Depending on your team structure and product offerings, you can choose to have all products in the same onboarding group or create separate onboarding groups for different products.

This flexibility allows you to tailor the onboarding process to best suit your team’s workflow and the specific needs of your customers.

Once a product has been successfully onboarded, it can be moved to the retention.

If any issues or challenges arise during the onboarding process, you have the option to recycle the product or move it to the ineligible stage.

At any point during the onboarding process, you can easily access and view the original deal that the product came from.

This allows you to refer back to the deal details, customer information, and any specific requirements or agreements made during the sales process.