Email templates

Use email templates to streamline your activity, build relationships with leads and customers and deliver a strong unified call to action. Learn how to create an email template, define the language, write a compelling subject and email content, and use system variables to automate personalization. 

Email templates are a great way of saving time when writing emails. This means that you can quickly create emails without having to re-write text or change the original meaning of the content.

They are also a great way to ensure that emails have the same look and feel across your organization. You can also tailor your messages to a specific business and industry, which is useful for when you want to personalize the tone or content of your messages.

Depending on usage Rizer CRM supports to types of email templates:

  • Sales email templates available to the sales team inside their personal message center or the company message center
  • Marketing email templates used for automating marketing’ sales nurturing tasks

To create a new email template navigate to Settings -> Email templates and click “+ Email template“.

In the email templates listing you see a list of all available email templates and the language each template is intended for. For each of the email templates listed there you have the option to edit it by clicking the 3 dot menu at the end of the line. 

Add a new email template

In the modal window that appears when adding a template, you can choose: 

  • template name – which will be used when someone selects to use it. Make sure you select something descriptive so the template easily recognizable
  • A template language – select it to show the intended language
  • subject for your email
  • The content of your email
  • and also, if you want you can add attachments

For both subject and content there is an “add variable” dropdown, one for each of the fields. You can use that to insert variables in the text. Variables represent pre-filled information taken form Rizer CRM. For example, you can use: contact person first name, or company name or any of the other available variables. 

This makes it easier to send emails while maintaining the same high quality of communication, and will make your emails more personal and increase your response rate.

Email templates variables are broken down into 3 main categories: 

  • Organization variables – as the name suggests, these variables are related to your organization and include your organization name and deal owner first and last name
  • Company variables – are related to the company and include company name and contact person first and last name
  • Quote variables – are related to quotes generated using Rizer CRM. These can be used to create a template for sending out the quote and include: the quote id, the link for the quote and the contact person’s first and last name

When you are done creating and customizing your email template just click ” Add“.