Winning a deal

Winning a deal in Rizer CRM transforms the company from a lead into a customer. Winning a deal involves marking the deal as won, closing all actions and moving won products to onboarding or retention.

Winning deals usually happens in the negotiation stage, and is done by a sales rep but can also happen at any point in the sales process.

The easiest way to win a deal is to click the green Win deal button at the top of deal header.

This will prompt you to add the Win date and Win time and choose what happens to the won Products.

As you win a deal you can choose to Close any existing actions or leave them there, to be dealt with by the action owners at a later time.

Order forms

Another way of winning deals is by getting the lead to approve and pay an order form.

You can crate order forms form inside the deal. The Add order form modal allows you to choose:

  • The contact person – the company representative that will approve the order form
  • A company address which will appear on the order form and it’s usually used afterwards for billing and invoicing.
  • The language of the order form
  • An expiration date & time – which usually is a couple of days or a couple of weeks in which the current prices and offers are still valid
  • And a time zone for correct tracking.

Once the order form is created you get a sharable link that you can pass over to your lead so they can approve this.

Each order form has a dedicated page.

This page shows the company details and your organization details, the order form number and it’s expiration date.

When listing the products inside the order form information is taken from the deal. Including prices, number of units and any other terms and conditions.

Each product has a small explanation of the pricing based on the pricing setup for the customer to be aware of any payment details.

To approve and accept an order form the company contact person has to accept the terms and conditions, click approve and add their payment info.

Doing this marks the deal as won and switches the lead to a customer.