Recycling a deal

In Rizer CRM, recycling a deal is a quick and efficient way to close the deal, recycle all associated products, and close all related actions in one step. This feature is particularly useful when you know that you will not win a deal and want to streamline the process of closing it.

When faced with a deal that you know you will not win, you have two options:

  • Manually recycle each product individually, ensure all actions are marked as done or cancelled, and then close the deal.
  • Use the “Recycle Deal” feature to handle all these steps at once.

Using the “Recycle Deal” Feature

Click on the “Recycle Deal” button.

Choose the main reason for recycling from the provided list. This reason will be applied to all products associated with the deal.

You can add multiple reasons for recycling, but the first one you select will be considered the primary reason.

Set a callback date. This date will be assigned to all recycled products within the deal.

After selecting the main reason and setting the callback date, you will have two options:

  • Recycle: This option will recycle the deal and all its associated products, but will keep the deal open for future updates or follow-ups.
  • Recycle + Close: This option will close the deal and all related actions, marking the deal as complete in the CRM.

Use the “Recycle Deal” feature when you are certain that you will not win a deal and want to efficiently close it in the CRM. This feature is particularly helpful when dealing with complex deals that involve multiple products and actions, as it saves you time and effort.