Company page layout

Rizer CRM offers a comprehensive lead management system that centralizes all information regarding prospects, allowing for easy access to details such as deals, activities, and communications in a single view. It facilitates tracking interactions and stages of the sales cycle, enhancing visibility and control over the lead progression.

The company page inside Rizer CRM is broken into 3 main sections:

  • Left column – that holds deals and products
  • Right column – that holds emails, trimline and finical information
  • Company sidebar – dealing with everything company related

Left column

The left column has 2 main sections: Deals and Products.

In the Deals part users can find everything that they are currently working on: deals, onboarding products or retention.

Here they will have actions, access to the products they are working on and also here is where you can assign users to certain actions.

The Products part list products that are not actively being worked on. Usually it shows just unopposed products, but it can be broken down into:

  • recycled products – usually recycled from a past lost deal
  • unproposed products – that haven’t even been discussed with the company yet
  • ineligible products – products which have been marked as such by a user after discussing with the company.
  • archived products – in case the company gets archived

Right column

The right column has 3 tabs:

Company sidebar

In a way the Company sidebar is a reflection of the Add lead form. It is grouped in the same way with information regarding:

  • Main company details
  • Contact people
  • Competition
  • Lead sources

Each of the 4 sections can be edited to either modify or add new info. Also from here you can add multiple contact people and manage them individually.

One option present in the company sidebar is the Archive button.

Archive button

You archive a company for different reasons, some of the ore common being: the fact that they went out of business or they don’t want to do business with us.

Archiving a company means that all deals will be closed, all actions canceled, all products marked as archive.

Also in the company sidebar you can find misc. info. For example: a tag showing that the company has been contacted at least once, or a duplicate checker that alerts you if phone number or emails are used in multiple companies.