Unproposed products

Rizer CRM provides a comprehensive overview of your sales opportunities by maintaining a list of unproposed products for each company. This feature allows you to easily track and manage potential sales, whether you’re working with leads or existing customers.

In this article, we’ll explore how unproposed products work within Rizer CRM and how you can leverage this feature to maximize your sales potential.

Products Box

On each company page in Rizer CRM, you’ll find a dedicated “Products” box. Within this box, you’ll see a list of unproposed products specific to that company.

These products are grouped into two categories:

  1. Eligible Products: These are products that can be added to deals with the company. They represent potential sales opportunities that you can pursue.
  2. Ineligible Products: These are products that, for various reasons, cannot be proposed to the company at the current time. You can mark these products as ineligible to keep your unproposed products list organized and focused on actionable items.

Adding Products to Deals

When you identify an opportunity to propose a product to a company, you can easily add it to a deal directly from the unproposed products list.

Simply select the eligible product and add it to a new or existing deal.

Once added, the product will move from the “Unproposed” section to the specific deal, allowing you to track its progress through the sales process.

Recycling Products

In some cases, a product that was previously added to a deal may need to be removed or recycled.

When you recycle a product, it moves back from the deal to the “Products” section in the company page.

This allows you to keep your deals clean and focused on active opportunities while maintaining a record of the product’s history with the company.

Unproposed Products for Customers

For existing customers, the unproposed products list, along with recycled products, represents your potential for follow-on sales.

By regularly reviewing and updating this list, you can identify opportunities to propose additional products or services that complement the customer’s current offerings.