Managing your team

As a manager, it’s crucial to have visibility over what your team is currently working on. Rizer CRM provides you with the tools to achieve this visibility by allowing you to view your team members’ planned and completed actions.

By utilizing these features in Rizer CRM, you can effectively monitor your team’s progress and stay informed about their current and past activities.

The ability to view planned actions helps you anticipate upcoming tasks and ensure that your team is on track.

Meanwhile, reviewing completed actions allows you to assess your team’s productivity and identify any potential areas for improvement.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of managing your team using Rizer CRM.

Viewing Future Actions

To view your team’s upcoming tasks, navigate to the main menu and click on the calendar icon to access the “Actions” section.

Action view

Within the “Actions” section, you can select the specific type of action you want to review. Next, choose the user whose planned actions you want to examine.

Rizer CRM will display all the actions that the selected user has scheduled.

You can further refine your search using the available filters. If you need more information about a particular action, simply click on it to view the details.

Reviewing Past Actions

Rizer CRM also allows you to review your team’s completed tasks. To do this, go to the “Timeline” section in the main menu.

Here, you can select one of the team members you manage. In the “Event Type” filter, choose “Action.”

This will display all the actions that the selected user has worked on, presented in chronological order.

You can see when the user added, cancelled, or marked an action as done. Clicking on each item will provide you with more detailed information about that specific action.