Order form management

Generate order forms directly from your deals. Use the products and prices set in the deal cart, and company information from Rizer CRM to autocomplete the order form. Send the order form to the contact person from the company and get it approved to vin the deal. 

Generate a new order form

Single deal in Rizer CRM

If you want to generate an order form for a deal in Rizer CRM, you need to make sure that there is at least one product in the deal cart with a certain price. 

In the bottom-right corner of the deal box, you’ll find an “+ Order form” button. Clicking that button will generate an order form based on the information present in the deal cart. However, if there are no products present, then the option will be disabled.

Add order form modal

The Add order form modal window will open. Here you have a few options that will allow Rizer CRM to generate an order form for you: 

  • The contact person is the person who will sign and accept the order form on behalf of the company.
  • The company address that appears on the order form is referred to as the order form address.
  • Language – the language of the order form . 
  • Expiration date and time – the date until the order form is valid

After filling out all of the fields, you can either Add (which will generate the order form ) or Cancel (which will cancel the action).

Note: Please keep in mind that Rizer CRM currently accepts English, Spanish, and French as order from languages, but you can request any other language by contacting support. The order form can not be generated without an address. 

Deal with order form

The newly generated order form will appear underneath the deal cart. This section shows the active order form and the order form ID, the time left until it expires, and the contact person.

You can View the order form or copy the link to the order form so you can send it over email.

Order form page hosted by Rizer

The link you use to view the order form can be shared outside of your organization, and you can send it to prospective customers.

It contains information about your organization, the company details and contact person from the company you are attempting to sell to, the order form id, products and pricing, a link to your terms and conditions page that they must accept, and an option for them to Accept or Reject the order form.

If the contact person accepts or rejects the order form, this is reflected in the deal’s order form section. Rizer shows you when the answer was given and gives you the option to revoke the acceptance for an accepted order form.

Accepted order from inside the deal

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to send the order form to the contact person and must instead complete the action over the phone or in person, Rizer will cover this as well.

You have the option to Cancel, Reject, or Accept the active order form in the three-dot ellipsis menu at the end of the line for the active order form. You will act on behalf of the contact person, but the action will be recorded in the system.

Order forms in the CRM are unique to each deal. They display the price as well as other deal-related information, such as the customer’s address, deadline, and price.