Invoice Management

Rizer CRM provides a comprehensive solution for creating and managing invoices, allowing you to streamline your billing process and keep track of your financial transactions.

Create an invoice

With Rizer, you can create invoices for any billing cycle by choosing the “Create invoice” option.

Rizer automatically manages whether invoices are due or paid.

When creating an invoice, you have to select a contact person and specify an invoice address. This ensures that your invoices are sent to the right recipient and helps maintain accurate records.

Once an invoice is generated, it will be marked as due, indicating that payment is pending.

All invoices are displayed in the company page in the invoices tab. They are listed chronologically, newest first. For each invoice you see the due date, the invoice number and the amount.

After receiving payment, you can update the invoice status to paid. Rizer CRM allows for various payment scenarios, including full payment, underpayment, or overpayment.

This flexibility enables you to accurately reflect the payment status and keep track of any outstanding balances.

View an invoice

To provide easy access to your invoices, Rizer hosts a dedicated invoice page for each invoice. You can view the invoice details on this page, and the link can be conveniently shared with your customers.

Rizer hosted invoice

Void an invoice

In case of any discrepancies or changes, Rizer CRM offers the option to mark an invoice as void.

This allows you to cancel the invoice and make necessary adjustments without affecting your financial records.

Manually log a payment

You can manually log a payment and mark the corresponding invoice as paid. The system supports different payment methods, such as credit card or wire transfer.

When logging a payment, you can enter the transaction ID and the payment date for accurate record-keeping.

Based on the amount entered, Rizer automatically calculates the due amount and any remaining balance, ensuring precise financial tracking.

Issue a credit invoice

In situations where you need to issue a credit invoice, Rizer CRM provides three types of credit invoices to suit your needs:

  1. Refund: If you need to refund money to a customer, you can create an invoice of type “refund.” This indicates that you will be returning the specified amount to the customer.
  2. Store Credit: If you want to offer store credit to a customer, you can issue a credit invoice of type “store credit.” This credit can be applied to future invoices or purchases, providing flexibility for your customers.
  3. Offset: In cases where you need to adjust the original invoice amount without involving immediate money transfer, you can create an offset credit invoice. This allows you to modify the invoice amount by issuing a new invoice, keeping your financial records accurate.