Rizer CRM User Roles for High Velocity Sales

Rizer CRM is designed to support a high velocity sales model. This model involves multiple roles working together to quickly move leads through the sales pipeline. Rizer CRM allows for efficient collaboration and handoffs between these roles.

One person can have all the user roles in Rizer CRM. This can work for small teams or businesses just starting out.

However, as the team grows, it’s recommended to split the roles among different people. This allows for specialization and better performance.

Here are a few scenarios of how these roles can be split up or combined:

Scenario 1: Separate Cold Calling Team – In this scenario, there is a dedicated team of cold callers. They take leads from the lead finders and make the initial contact. Qualified leads are then passed to the sales reps for further evaluation and closing.

Scenario 2: Sales Reps Handle Everything – In this case, the sales reps handle all stages of the sales process. They do the initial cold calling, give demos, and close the deals. This can work for smaller teams or products with shorter sales cycles.

Scenario 3: Specialized Demo Team – For complex products, it can be beneficial to have a specialized demo team. These demo reps are experts in showing the product and answering technical questions. They work alongside the sales reps to close deals.

Scenario 4: Combined Onboarding and Retention – For some businesses, it makes sense to have the same person handle both onboarding and retention. This provides a consistent point of contact for the customer. The rep can build a strong relationship and ensure the customer’s long-term success.

Rizer CRM is designed to be adaptable and versatile, making it capable of supporting a wide range of scenarios. Whether your sales team operates in a traditional or unique manner, the system can be tailored to accommodate their specific requirements and organizational framework.