Payments Error Handling

When processing payments, errors can occasionally occur due to various reasons such as invalid credit card numbers, insufficient funds, or processing issues.

Rizer CRM is designed to display informative messages near the payment form, whether you are working with an invoice or an order form.

These messages will guide you in identifying and resolving any payment-related issues that may arise.

Insufficient funds

One common scenario is when a customer has insufficient funds in their account to complete the transaction. In this case, Rizer CRM will display a message indicating that the payment could not be processed due to insufficient funds.

Expired card

Another issue that may occur is when a customer attempts to use an expired credit card. Rizer CRM will detect this and display a message stating that the card has expired.

Invalid credit card number

In some instances, a customer may enter an invalid credit card number. Rizer CRM will identify this error and display a message indicating that the provided credit card number is invalid.

Other reasons

There are also other reasons why a payment may not go through, such as technical issues or processing errors.

There are scenarios when a credit card is confirmed and stored for the respective customers but for whatever reason the payment does not go trough. In this scenario an error will appear near the invoice number to let you know that something went wrong.