Add your first deal

A deal represents a potential sales agreement or opportunity with a client or prospect. It includes specific information about the sales transaction, such as the products or services being offered, the value or size of the opportunity, the assigned sales representative (deal owner), and the current stage in the sales pipeline.

Deals are used to track and manage the progress of sales activities from initial lead generation through to the closing of the sale

Rizer CRM allows users to create and manage deals by clicking the “+ Deal” button, where they can define deal details such as the owner, currency, win probability, and estimated win date.

Users can add products to deals using a multi-select dropdown and can edit the deal details or change its status throughout the sales process.

Create a deal

Adding your first deal

When you enter a newly created company in the top left corner you get prompted to add your first deal. You could have also done this directly when adding a new lead. If not you can do it here by clicking the “+ Deal” button.

Depending if the company is an Inbound or outbound lead The color of the modal header will be different and some of the options as well.

As part of creating the new deal you also Add your first action. This is by default the first action you set-up in the pipeline settings. You can choose another action if you want to move the sales process further along or you can choose not to create an action at this point.

Choose a Deal Owner

In this modal you also select the Deal Owner. This is the user in charge of this deal. By default Rizer CRM will show in the list only users with the appropriate role. In case there is only one user with that role it will be selected by default.

You can choose a deal contact, which will be one of the contact people from the company responsible for the deal. They can be someone that influence the deal or the actual decision maker.

Multiple deal contacts can be added at one time.

At this point you can select if you want to send an intro email using a template.

Then you select the Currency of the deal. By default this is the default organization currency. You can edit if you want the deal Win Probability and the Estimated win date. Both of these allow Rizer to forecast when a deal will close and at what value, and the default settings can be edited in the estimates sections.

Add products to the deal

As a last step in the deal creation process you have the option to select your Products. In the dedicated dropdown you can choose which product and which pricing model you want to add to the deal.

This is a multi-select dropdown so you can choose one or more products to be added on deal creation.

Keep in mind each company can have one ore more deals at any given time.

Working with deals

Once the deal is created you can edit it, add products to it or generate order forms.

At any given point a deal can be Won or Recycled, and depending on the status in the pipeline it can also be Deleted.

You can edit the Deal owner, the currency, the win probability and the estimated win date.

You can add or remove products. Products can be removed by recycling them or moving them back to Unproposed.

You can use pipeline status bar in the top left corner to move deals along the pipeline stages. You can also do this by doing certain actions.