Segmentation within Rizer CRM is important because it allows the organization to categorize leads and customers into meaningful groups. By understanding the different needs and behaviors of each segment, companies can allocate resources more effectively across the company or at a specific role level.

Manage segmentations

Within the system, the segmentation created here can be applied in various areas, such as in the allocation of territories for users.

If you need to generate a new segmentation, simply click on the + Segmentation button.

When you add a segmentation, you can choose one or more variables to segment by. The number of variables you select is up to you, but the more you select, the more complex the setup will be.

After you select your variable, you can choose values for each segment. Keep in mind that Rizer CRM will take any unselected values and create an extra segment at the end to catch all the untargeted ones.

When you are happy with your selection, just click “Save“.

When using Rizer, you have the flexibility to make adjustments to segmentations by either Editing or Removing them. It’s important to consider that modifying these settings could impact various aspects of usage. In order to prevent potential errors, Rizer prompts for confirmation before removing segmentations, providing details on the specific roles that will be impacted.

Confirmation of removal

Segmenting leads and customers can significantly influence territory assignment and is visible across dashboards and reports. Furthermore, specific listing tables throughout the application can be filtered by segments to facilitate decision-making.