Sales to customers

Sales to customers is a crucial aspect of any business that focuses on maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV) by selling additional products and services to existing customers. This process involves a dedicated team of sales representatives and demo representatives who work together to identify opportunities and close deals.

The sales process for existing customers is similar to that of sales to leads, with one or more deals associated with each customer.

Company page

Each deal has its own set of actions, products, and order forms, which help the sales team to successfully close the deal.

The primary goal of sales to customers is to sell all unproposed products and all recycled previous offers to ensure that the company is maximizing the CLV of each customer.

Sales to customers often works hand in hand with customer retention efforts. In some scenarios, the same person may handle both user roles, ensuring a seamless experience for the customer.

Winning a sales to customer deal follows the same flow as it does for leads, the only difference being the fact that the company does not change status from lead to customer.

Deals Table

The deals associated with sales to customers can be found in the customers section of the deals table.

This table provides an overview of each deal, including:

  1. Company: The name of the customer’s company.
  2. Deal Owner and Territory: The sales representative responsible for the deal and their assigned territory.
  3. Stage: The current stage of the deal in the sales pipeline.
  4. Deal Value: The monetary value of the deal.
  5. Last Edited: The timestamp of the most recent update to the deal.

The deals table can be segmented by various criteria, such as Pipeline, Stage, Territory, or Deal Owner, allowing sales managers and representatives to analyze performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.