Onboarding your customers

Onboarding is a crucial process that involves guiding your new customers through the initial setup, configuration, and training to ensure they can effectively use your product or service. When you successfully win a deal, the company becomes your customer, and all the products won through that deal move to either the onboarding or retention stage. Onboarding your customers

Customer retention

Retention is an ongoing process that focuses on maintaining a strong relationship with your customers, ensuring their continued satisfaction, and identifying opportunities for growth and expansion. Once a product has been successfully onboarded, it moves to the retention stage. This transition signifies that the initial setup, configuration, and training have been completed, and the customer Customer retention

Sales to customers

Sales to customers is a crucial aspect of any business that focuses on maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV) by selling additional products and services to existing customers. This process involves a dedicated team of sales representatives and demo representatives who work together to identify opportunities and close deals. The sales process for existing customers is Sales to customers