Rizer CRM enables tracking and analyzing lead sources by categorizing them into predefined and user-editable lists for comprehensive understanding of lead generation strategies, while also allowing for competitive analysis by creating and managing a list of competitors and their products to adapt sales approaches effectively.

Lead sources

Lead sources are used to determine how a lead was generated. Analyze the default list Rizer provides and add your own custom lead sources. 

Rizer stores 3 things regarding lead sources: 

  • How we found them
  • Heard about us originally
  • Heard about us most recently

All 3 provide valuable info that can be analyzed and used to improve the lead generation strategy of the entire sales team. 

All 3 lists share the same list of values. Some of these values are predefined by Rizer CRM and some are user editable and you can add more values to them. 

Predefined list of values

The predefined list includes: 

  • Search engines
  • Social media 
  • Marketing forms
  • Emails
  • Calls
  • Walk-ins

If for search engines or social media there is an option that we haven’t included, feel free to contact the Rizer CRM support team, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

The categories that users can edit

The user editable list is split into multiple categories: 

  • Directories
  • Trade Shows
  • Online trade magazines  blogs
  • Print trade magazines
  • Partner Referrals
  • Partner / purchased lists
  • Website scraping

You can add options into each category by using the “ Add option” modal. You enter the name of the option and click “Add”. For example you could enter Capterra or Foursquare as a directory.

You can edit options inside each category by using the “ Edit option” modal. You select the option you would like to edit from the dropdown and then you can edit its name. Finish editing by clicking “Save”. 


Competing companies play a big role in the sales process, which is reflected inside Rizer CRM.

This allows you to adjust your sales pitch and improve the chances of success based on which competitor the lead is currently using.

Use this screen to create a list of competitors, and match their products with yours. 

With Rizer you can define a list of competitors, the products they sell and how those products compete with your products.

Manage your list of competitors

This allows you and your team to better manage the sales process and adapt the sales script and your actions accordingly. 

Add a new competitor

To add a competitor you set a competitor name, his products and the matching products from what you offer. 

You can add as many products and matching products as needed. 

When you are done you click ” Add“. 

Edit an existing competitor

When editing a competitor you can edit his name, his product’s names and your matching products. The only exception is when you already have leads or customers with products marked as “using competitor”. In that case those associations have to be removed to be able to edit. 

After setting up competitors, when interacting with a lead or customer your team has the ability to say if they are using a competing product, for how long and if they are happy with the current setup.