Creating and managing a deal

In Rizer CRM, deals are designed to hold the products you are trying to sell, all pricing information, order forms, and all actions related to that deal.

Deals help you efficiently organize and track your sales process, ensuring that all relevant information is easily accessible and actionable.

Deals can be created for both leads and customers, providing a centralized location to manage your sales process effectively.

To create a deal, simply click the “+ Deal” button, which will open the deal creation modal.

Within this modal, you can choose:

  • Pipeline: If there are multiple pipelines the company can be part of, choose where you want to create the deal.
  • First Action: Select from a list of predefined actions for that pipeline. Depending on the action you select, you may also need to choose a particular stage.
  • Stage: If you choose not to create a first action, you can select the stage where you want to create the deal.
  • Win Probability: This comes with default values from settings and gives you the option to override.
  • Deal Owner: Assign a user with a specific sales role to be in charge of the deal.
  • Deal Contact: If contact people are created inside the company, you can choose the main contact for the deal.
  • Deal Contact Importance: Specify the relevance that the contact person has relative to the deal, such as Decision Maker or Influencer.
  • Email Template: If the first action is a send email action, you can select the template to use to automatically send out the email.
  • Currency: Choose the currency used in the deal.
  • Estimated Win Date: Set the expected date for winning the deal.
  • Products: Add products to the deal cart on deal creation.

Once created, the deal appears on the company page on the left side of the screen, displaying the current stage, win probability, total deal value, products, and current actions.

The deal is also visible in the Pipeline view, where you can see the stage, duration in that stage, deal owner, company, contact person, number of actions, deal value, and last edited time.

Furthermore, the deal is listed in the deal listing table inside the leads section, showing the company, contact person, deal owner, stage, deal value, and last edited time.

Managing the deal

You can move the deal through stages by selecting the stage name and adjusting it, or you can advance it by creating a new action in a stage further along in the sales process.

If no actions have been taken, you have the option to cancel the deal.

You can also recycle the deal cart and close out the deal, or mark the deal as won when appropriate.

Deal estimates

Deal estimates are calculated based on the products in the deal cart and their pricing models, adjusted by the subscription length estimates.

Each product in the deal cart has a total value estimate, and these estimates add up to determine the overall deal value.