Working with sales territories

Rizer CRM automatically assigns companies to specific territories based on segmentation variables and displays this information on the company page. Sales territories are used for deal creation, onboarding, and retention, and other uses inside the CRM.

As you allocated in the setup, each user with a sales role is responsible for one or more territories.

Depending on the variables used in segmentation and the info available for each company, companies are split into correct territories and this information is displayed in the company page, in the right hand sidebar.

In the example above the company is in “France” territory based on country and “Medium (11 – 50)” territory based on number of users.

Each territory is used by one or more user roles and you can see which by hovering the (i) near the territory name.

Sales territories for allocation

One place where sales territories are used is for deal creation.

In the section where you have to choose the deal owner, based on user role and territory setup Rizer CRM automatically highlights the users that are in charge of that territory.

In the same way, for onboarding and retention, depending on sales territories Rizer CRM can recommend the users with the matching setup.

Sales territories filtering tables

Most of the tables throughout Rizer CRM give you the option to filter the data inside.

One of the more common filters it the Segment filter, which allows you to choose specific territories and view for example just deals from that territory.