Segmenting your leads & customers

Once you have successfully set up segmentation, this feature becomes an integral part of the system. It plays a crucial role in enhancing the management and allocation of leads and customers, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient process. Filtering the pipeline One important use case for segmentations is their role in filtering the pipeline. This Segmenting your leads & customers

Working with sales territories

Rizer CRM automatically assigns companies to specific territories based on segmentation variables and displays this information on the company page. Sales territories are used for deal creation, onboarding, and retention, and other uses inside the CRM. As you allocated in the setup, each user with a sales role is responsible for one or more territories. Working with sales territories

Archiving companies

You archive a company in Rizer CRM when you decide to never contact a company again. Either they went out of business, they don’t want to be contacted or you don’t want to contact them for whatever reason. To archive a company you use the “Archive” button located on the company page. This is positioned Archiving companies

Recycling with feature requests

If a customer is not ready to buy your product from you right now you recycle that product with a reason so you can come back later and pitch your offer again. In some cases the leads decides not to buy because your product is missing a specific feature. When you recycle a product in Recycling with feature requests

Enter the first lead

A lead is a company that you think might be interested in what you have to sell. Leads can be inbound or outbound depending on the initial method of acquiring their contact details. Learn how to create a new lead, add the company details, the contact people and key variables that are available. Rizer CRM Enter the first lead

Managing competitors

Setting up and assign competitor products gives your sales team valuable insight into leads behavior. Having and using this information allows them to be more prepared when making first contact. To be able to use competitors throughout the system first you have to set them up in the settings companies section. On each company page, Managing competitors