How to use email templates

Email templates are a fast way for your team to improve communication and send a consistent message. Email templates can be used in the company page or in your personal message center. 

After you create an email template, it becomes available in the compose new email modal. 

The template has a different behavior depending on where you use it: 

  • In the company page – the template auto-fills all possible variables with the information available. For example, if the email template uses “Contact person first name” variable it will autofill that. If on the other hand the template uses “Contact person last name” and that information is not available it will just ignore it and move on. 
  • in your message center – the template will not auto-fill any of the variables as the messages here are not connected to a specific company. 

To select one of the email templates available, in the compose modal, choose one from the “Apply template” dropdown.

Choose a template

The behavior of email templates changes based on the information available. In the example below we are using the “Contact person first name” variable. Because this company has no contact people attached to it, then Rizer does not replace the variable with an actual name.  

At any point, as you are writing the email, you can edit the subject of content even if you are using a template.

Also at any point you can choose another template. Keep in mind though, that if you chose a template and made adjustments to the text, choosing another template will override all previous changes. Rizer does give a notification regarding this so you can avoid loosing your work. 

At the moment, email templates are exclusively added by administrators but are accessible system-wide to all users.