Using Rizer

Main menu structure

When you first log-in to the CRM the main menu gives you access to everything you need to manage your sales process. You have a quick search box that allows you to search for a specific company or contact person. The main menu items are: In the top right part of the screen you have Main menu structure

Company page layout

Rizer CRM offers a comprehensive lead management system that centralizes all information regarding prospects, allowing for easy access to details such as deals, activities, and communications in a single view. It facilitates tracking interactions and stages of the sales cycle, enhancing visibility and control over the lead progression. The company page inside Rizer CRM is Company page layout

Add your first deal

A deal represents a potential sales agreement or opportunity with a client or prospect. It includes specific information about the sales transaction, such as the products or services being offered, the value or size of the opportunity, the assigned sales representative (deal owner), and the current stage in the sales pipeline. Deals are used to Add your first deal

Pipeline views

The pipeline view in Rizer CRM provides a visual representation of the sales process, helping teams monitor the progress of deals through different stages. It enhances visibility and organization, allowing sales reps to prioritize tasks and manage their deals more efficiently. By offering a clear overview, it enables sales managers to track progress and forecast Pipeline views

Winning a deal

Winning a deal in Rizer CRM transforms the company from a lead into a customer. Winning a deal involves marking the deal as won, closing all actions and moving won products to onboarding or retention. Winning deals usually happens in the negotiation stage, and is done by a sales rep but can also happen at Winning a deal


Rizer CRM’s recycling feature is designed to help sales teams revisit past deals, keep lead data organized and warm for re-engagement, and incorporate feedback on product features and market conditions. By collecting structured data and competitor insights, Rizer CRM empowers teams to handle objections effectively, nurture leads more precisely, and strategically re-enter deals into the Recycling

Company and user timeline

The system has two types of timelines: the Company timeline, which logs all actions within a company, and the User timeline, which lists actions taken by a specific user. There are 2 types of timelines: Company timeline Each company has a timeline of everything that happened from the moment it as added as a new Company and user timeline

Dashboards & Analytics

The dashboards within Rizer CRM system provides real-time performance metrics, enabling sales teams to monitor their progress against targets and swiftly adjust strategies to improve outcomes. It acts as a visual tool for tracking and managing customer interactions and sales pipelines, thereby helping teams prioritize tasks and focus on critical activities that drive business growth. Dashboards & Analytics

Working with actions

In Rizer CRM, actions can be attached to deals, onboarding groups, and retention groups. An action is always part of a stage and has an assigned action owner. There are four types of actions available: call, video, meeting, and email. Depending on the action type, you can set up different details such as participants and Working with actions

Add your first lead

This article will provide you with a concise, step-by-step approach to inputting your first lead into Rizer CRM. In doing so, we aim to make the process quick and efficient, ensuring that every step of the Add lead form is well-explained. By following this guide, you’ll gain a better understanding of what the system can Add your first lead