Setup account

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Adding users

A user within Rizer is a member of a team that has a specific role within the organization. In this section you can activate and deactivate users, edit their profiles and roles, and set a management hierarchy. Each user has a user timeline that you can review here, and in some scenarios users can be Adding users


Rizer CRM enables tracking and analyzing lead sources by categorizing them into predefined and user-editable lists for comprehensive understanding of lead generation strategies, while also allowing for competitive analysis by creating and managing a list of competitors and their products to adapt sales approaches effectively. Lead sources Lead sources are used to determine how a Companies


Segmentation within Rizer CRM is important because it allows the organization to categorize leads and customers into meaningful groups. By understanding the different needs and behaviors of each segment, companies can allocate resources more effectively across the company or at a specific role level. Within the system, the segmentation created here can be applied in Segmentations


The product list in Rizer CRM includes the name of each product, a product ID and the pricing models associated with each product. In this step, you will create your products, define specific pricing models, and learn how to evolve your products as your pricing strategy changes over time through a simple and intuitive interface.  Rizer Products


A pipeline is a visual way of tracking potential sales leads as they progress through different stages in the purchasing process. Rizer CRM uses three types of pipelines to help you manage lead and customer sales flows. Each pipeline is made up of a series of actions. In this screen you can edit the list Pipeline

Payments settings

With Rizer CRM you can automatically take payments either for your Subscriptions or for you One-off products. Right now, we support Stripe as a payment processor with more coming soon. If you need to connect a payment processor, the process is quite straightforward. Simply navigate to the settings screen and look for the “+ Credentials” Payments settings


Rizer CRM allows you to set deal value and lifetime value intervals to estimate customer product usage duration, as well as configure stage probabilities, win dates, and subscription terms to forecast deal closure likelihood and new contract duration. The platform also enables you to define company targets by month and year for performance tracking on Estimates

Email templates

Use email templates to streamline your activity, build relationships with leads and customers and deliver a strong unified call to action. Learn how to create an email template, define the language, write a compelling subject and email content, and use system variables to automate personalization.  Email templates are a great way of saving time when Email templates


Lead capture forms save time for the sales team by removing the need to copy-paste leads. You can embed them on your website, adapt them to your website’s design and avoid unnecessary integrations with third party solutions. Learn how to create new forms, deactivate unused ones and embed a form onto your website.  In Rizer Webforms

Your Organization

On this page you’ll see your organization’s main information and your account details. Account creation will automatically fill in most of this information for you, and you’ll be able to edit and update it as necessary. You’ll also be able to set your preferred currencies, the default currency, your time format, and the language for Your Organization